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Hi, i'm Foranzello....from Italy: Cool:

Watching on the web i find this forum and my bike too : Denk1:

Reading the thered i've understand that you was talking about my airbox.....sorry STARACE airbox : D

You have a good web site!!!!!

And now my hypermotard!!!!!!!






Now i've something to put on my bike.........




and many others accessories : Butt roccia:: Butt roccia:: Butt roccia:

Sorry for my english : Smile_bow:: Smile_bow:: Smile_bow:

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Bienvenuti Foranzello !

YOU made it ......to our HYPER-Club in Germany !

Nice Bike You own,

these pipes on your Hyper will couse a stampede @ police-stations ! Harharhar !!!!!!

Ciao & desmo-saluti, Mate !


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Ciao Foranzello,

Dia il benvenuto a qui a ducati1, goda del tempo nell'ottenere la vostra conoscenza aumentata scavando alle nostre lime, inviando le vostre domande, vendendo le vostre parti ed inviando i vostri significati. Immagini piacevoli di una bici piacevole - preferisco personalmente la copertura Supersic del carbonio - stupire! Saluto Marco

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