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  1. Hi boys!!!! sorry for my english : Smile_bow:: Smile_bow: I have thise fork for sale, are new...about 1300 Km!!!! Plug and play : Butt roccia:: Butt roccia: Uploaded with ImageShack.us If someone prefer i have the "Marzocchi" complete of hyper '09 (not S) at 650 euro + s.c
  2. Hei boys, i need your help!!!! To win a contest i need of a lot of "I LIKE" on mi picture on FACEBOOK. In the link outside there is mi hyper, plese open it and put "I LIKE" http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3613190892517&set=o.224702077622000&type=1&theater&notif_t=like Thank you very much!!!! : Butt roccia:: Butt roccia:: Butt roccia:: Butt roccia:: Butt roccia:
  3. Umm.....sorry, i'm not sure of the components of that grafic...... now i've find mine....so i can give to you all tha answers Grafic step 1: SC project 2-2 full exhaust cammes DP ECU cammes DP BMC air filter Grafic step 2: like the firs plus Airbox StarAce I've have the ECU of camme
  4. Hi, 96,1hp are with OEM bike, while 104,1 are with StarAce airbox, K&N filter, arrow 2-2 full exhaust and ECU "mapped"
  5. Hi, i'm Foranzello....from Italy: Cool: Watching on the web i find this forum and my bike too : Denk1: Reading the thered i've understand that you was talking about my airbox.....sorry STARACE airbox : D You have a good web site!!!!! And now my hypermotard!!!!!!! Now i've something to put on my bike......... and many others accessories : Butt roccia:: Butt roccia:: Butt roccia: Sorry for my english : Smile_bow:: Smile_bow:: Smile_bow:
  6. Hi, the Hyper in the first page is mine......and i've the graphic you need star ace airbox K&N filter full exhaust arrow
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