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  1. 996 RS shower injectors parts (at picture) and cabling for TB at picture, I´m looking also for SPS nicholls flywheel, 39 mm intake valves, 32 mm exhaust valves (996 RS) .
  2. Hello, have you for sale any IAW P8 442 ECU for 996 RS / 99 or 916 R /98 . for hower injection installation to my bike ? fiele danke , sam

  3. Hello, I´ve taked contackt to most of the names , but the result has been no on a bit poor. This unit IAW 442 seems to be hard to solve . thanks anyway , Sam
  4. Hello, norhern Europe , Finland . I´ve made some years sps -99 and engine with this 1036 kit and with 32/39 mm rs heads with rs cams .. the kit is not from kämnä because about the kämnä. 54 termigs and 54 mm injector ... evr intake . shower 60 mm is coming as I know how it should be installed . as I installed 100 mm piston kit , I had to machine the engine body liner holes to fit the bigger cylinders to engine . that is bit big work . Engine has to been taken out from body and it has to taked to the parts. and then machining for engine liners drillings . bike is nice and a bit peaky to drive , wery, wery, wery power full. it You need, I have some RS heads for sale 32/39 and also 32/37 valves . maccina
  5. Hello, again Do anyone have injection wiring for sale 996 RS or 916 r (triple with shower) , ( part 510.1.129.1A) I have main wiring . Anyone have chip for triple injectors with P8 ? any parts to the triple injectors, T -joint for main injector ? P8 IAW ECU 442 type perhaps. I can swap with 996 rs heads if someone needs - sam
  6. Hello Testaretta ,


    Do you have any wiring or parts to the triple injector body 996 RS , any . the aluminium T-joint to the fuel pipe has damaged . The chip for shower triple injectors for P8 435 or 442 are also interested if you have . TB wiring ? for triple injectors . 

  7. Hello, I planned to install 60 mm triple (shower) injectors to my 996 SPS - 99 model . There is already 996 RS 32/39 mm heads and 100 mm pistons ..etc so more fuel is needed . So can anyone help me ? Do Anyone have IAW Magneti Marelli P8 442 ECU or do anyone know or have right wirings to this installation. there has been same ECU at cars aston martin, Lancia, but the right IAW type at cars is not known , sdo Any know car type taht suits to bike ? (wiring diagpram perhaps ? ) Anyone have triple injector racing chip for P8 for sale ?
  8. Hello, I´m looking after ECU 996 RS IAW 442 for triple injectors . Anyone have this for sale ? Thanks sam
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