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  1. For sale 999S 2005 Testastretta motor - Titanium conrods - Lightweight crankshaft - S camshafts - 7730 kms Engine is complete with airbox, coils, starter, clutch etc. No clutchplate and springs, no belt covers Engine number and frame number are availiable to check with Ducati Also available from the same bike the corresponding Dash, Ecu, keys, keycard and lockset. Dash has 7730kms If bought together it is a complete plug and play transplant to convert any 749/999. Items located in the Netherlands 999S engine
  2. For Sale: Ohlins DU301 shock absorber. This is not the same as the OEM Ohlins shockabsorber on the 999S 999R and 749R. It is the upgrade version available from Ohlins and comes standard with: - High and low speed compression adjustment - Hydraulic pre-load ajuster - Aluminum shock body The shockabsorber is located in The Netherlands Can be shipped at cost, or picked up in Veghel, The Netherlands. €650 Photo album: https://imgur.com/a/N5WFH24
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