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  1. If you can kindly contact me at info@tecknorace.it I will be happy to give you all the information you need
  2. I remember that about two years ago I had built, in all cases it would not be a problem to do it again. If you can serve any other information send an email to info@tecknorace.it
  3. The price for 1 tank would be 1600 € including 22% tax and shipping included
  4. hat's just the first tank and tail that I did, but just the first one, is a historical relic of immense sentimental value:victorious:
  5. Many of my pieces are sold to importers in the United States, but I thought that if the product may be of interest to people ther is right to give him the opportunity to buy at lower prices high
  6. Hello everyone I am a producer of tanks what do you think of this
  7. For any information send and email to info@tecknorace.it
  8. Hallo allerseits, was halten Sie von diesem Alu-Tank denke, für 998
  9. Ciao a tutti, Cosa ne pensione della Nuova di Superficie Questi,, serbatoi:
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