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  1. The Portugal guy makes only crap carbon items very cheap made ...
  2. This my Ducati 749RS project...hope one day will be finished ?
  3. Sold so i think this can be delete. Thank you
  4. For sale carbon front headlights bucket new condition custom made, very light and stylish and does not corrode as magnesium one! The mirrors brackets not included. Price only for the bucket! Price: 850€ + shipping
  5. For sale carbon airbox for Ducati 999/749 very good condition including air filter and carbon filter support, very nice quality and very hard to find. Please note the air tunnels are not included! Price: 850€ + shipping
  6. For sale brand new Ducati 749RS/999RS/1098RS carbon radiator cooler duct (air runner). Part: 44211661A, 44211061B Price: 300€ + shipping
  7. For sale Ducati 1098RS Corse throttle cables, brand new and never used Part: 65610771A, 65610781A Price: 250€ + shipping
  8. For sale brand new NCR titanium ride height very hard to find and not longer produced. Price: 1000€ + shipping
  9. Brand new carbon side stand for Ducati Panigale (may fit other models also) Price: 300€ + shipping
  10. For sale Ducati Corse 998/999RS timing belt pulleys kit, perfect condition and ready to be installed. The kit includes 4x distribution pulleys, 4x pulley flange, 2x timing belt rollers Z20 & 2x belts 737.4.020.7A (new)Price: 900€ + shipping + PayPal fees.
  11. For sale Ducati 999RS Corse F05 subframe made by Pierobon for the WSBK, condition like new (mint) no damages, no scratches or anything else. Great for the Termignoni exhaust 63.5mm and can be mounted to any Ducati 999/749. The subframe has the part number engraved on it for the Corse department but do not have a photo of it right now. For any questions or details about it do not hesitate to ask me.Price 600€ and does not include shipping and PayPal fees. Shipping worldwide.Part number: 471.1.010.3C
  12. Hi do you sell the STM clutch plates & basket?Cand you please send me some more photos of it?
  13. Searching to buy a full exhaust system Akrapovic for 749RS (like the one from the photos) in good condition. If you have one and want to sell it or do not know what to do with send me a PM or replay to this threat.
  14. Hi no problem i will send you a PM with all the details, shipping is 30€
  15. For sale a brand new carbon fuel tank for Ducati 749/999 series, never used or installed. Weights just 3.2kg just perfect for track days, the interior is reinforced with kevlar for good strength. The tank comes without gas cap or fuel pump. Price without shipping or PayPal fees! for any questions feel free to ask... Price: 600€ negotiable
  16. For sale a pair of magnesium valve covers from a 749R in good condition, works with any 749/999 series Part no: Price : 300€ + shipping
  17. For sale Ducati 749R gearbox in excellent condition very less used, this is the same gearbox as for 999R. The gearbox comes as it is without drum or selectors. Ratios: 1st 37/15, 2nd 24/23, 3rd 28/20, 4th 26/22, 5th 24/23, 6th 23/24 Price 380€ + shipping
  18. For sale Ducati 749R timing gears (pair), very good condition as very less used. Lighter then the 749/999 S or Standard ones. Part no: Price: 100€ + shipping
  19. For sale Ducati 749R flywheel in good condition (has some small scratches from the dissembling), very light only 1008g. Suitable for any version of Ducati 999/749. Part no: Price 120 € + shipping
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