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  1. Hii... I know there are a lot of chase elliot fans. but the 24 car is now on a longer losing streak than any other hendrick car. a win looked like a sure thing just weeks into last season. honestly, there was a clan all over the web week to week promising the upcoming win that could be any race. this is the week chase gets his first. and i thought so too. but we have seen kyle larson go from 0 career wins to 3 career wins in that time. we have seen ryan blaney emerge to be on the same level as chase and perhaps even a bit above it for now. we see erik jones pretty much performing on par with elliot week to week...but jones doesn't know how to keep the nose clean just yet. we see stenhouse getting multiple wins. dillon has won. newman. kahne. many surprise winners....but the one everyone was expecting is the one who hasn't figured it out yet. chase has certainly had capable cars. earlier this season and all of last season. Thanks..! For More Details: 2d animation
  2. Hii... His 3rd place finish has kind of gotten lost in the stories of Truex winning, Busch not able to pass him, Dale Jr retiring, etc. But the more I think about it the closer I have come to the conclusion that Larsen backed out of it at the end of that race. No matter what he may say. He was one of the, of not the, fastest cars all day. Caught the leaders with ease and then just sort of settled in behind Busch. Almost like he didn't want to take the chance of getting in the mix and getting blamed for screwing up the finish between the two contenders for the title. Maybe not. Maybe he burned his tires up getting there. But he sure caught them awful fast for the car to just bog down. Thanks..! I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References:-https://racing-forums.com/threads/did-kyle-larsen-back-out-of-it-at-homestead.61375/ case study examples